Creating & Sending Wedding Invitations

You just got engaged and now you've got this long list of things to do for the big day.

You've figured out your budget, picked a date, found the venue, written out your guest list, and now it's time to start inviting everyone.

There are a few different steps in the process of sending out wedding invites, that if overlooked could cause more stress than necessary closer to the wedding date.

We've compiled a list of tips and how-to's to get you started!

When to Send:

For Save the Date's, you'll want to send them out between 6-12 months out from the wedding date (If you're having a destination wedding, closer to a year prior). Order these about a month or so before you want to send these out so you have time to receive them and address them to send.

For Invitations, they are typically sent out anywhere from 6 week to 8 weeks prior to the wedding. You'll want to order these ASAP so you have time to package, address, and stamp each invite. Most couples will choose to send reply cards (for entrees, head count, etc.) with the invitations to save on postage. If you do choose to send reply cards separately, make sure to have them sent at least a month before the wedding so you have time to receive responses. Make sure to add that they need to respond to these cards at least 2 weeks before the wedding (if not sooner).

What to Send:

There are multiple components of wedding invitations. Typically, the list is as follows:
Invitation card
Reply card

Small envelope for reply card Enclosure cards

Wording your Invitations

The wording on the invitations will vary depending on the overall tone of your wedding. Is your wedding more traditional, modern, casual, structured? Did you want to add motifs to break up the text, include you and your fiancé’s favorite love quote? There are many different variations of wording and you can find examples online to see which style works best with the vibe of your wedding.

Items to Doublecheck

1) Wording--for spelling, correct dates/times, etc.
2) Did you add the formality of the vent? Make sure to add this so you don’t get a hundred texts/calls about what to wear for the wedding by guests.
3) Is the RSVP card included? These smaller papers can get overlooked but are very important for confirming the final guest list.
4) Proper postage--make sure you've weighed out your invitations & included the right postage for each envelope.
5) Did you include extra invitations just in case? This will be helpful if you may have left someone off the guest list that still needs an invite.

You may be thinking, “There’s a lot more to do for invitations than I thought.”. But once the invitations get sent out and family/friends start RSVP to your big day, it will all start to feel like it’s coming together! Follow these tips the best you can and keep the wedding planning stress to a minimum (you’ll soon be celebrating the rest of your life together with your partner, that’s all that matters!).