Cutting Your Guest List

Chances are that you’ve already come up with your guest list and now this big huge number is staring at you in the face. Let’s face it, budgeting for the first guest list number you wrote down is unrealistic. If your parents/soon-to-be in-laws are helping pay for the wedding, they will also try to have a say in your guest list as well. But that’s okay! In order to truly hash out the finalized guest list, you and your fiancé will need to sit down and get to work. We’ve listed some tips & helpful graphics here to get you to the perfect number of guests for your wedding day.

People to consider when cutting your guest list:

1. Work Colleagues

This is pretty obvious because they aren't family and (most of the time) are not considered a "friend". Maybe your fiancé is closer to their work colleagues, only invite those work buddies. It’s not like your colleagues would figure it out anyways (and if they do, who cares it’s YOUR wedding!).

2. Distant Relatives

Just because they are related doesn't mean they HAVE to be invited. This one may be harder because this is where parents get upset that “Great Uncle Lou” wasn’t invited. Try not to let those comments get to you. If they've never even met your husband/wife-to-be, chances are you aren't that close anyways.

3. Plus Ones

Having to give every guest a plus one is a wedding myth. Not everyone needs a plus one. Arrange your tables properly and your solo guest won't feel alone at all. Maybe even put them at a table where they can meet another single "non-plus one", it is a day celebrating love after all!