How to Set Your Budget

Unless you're rolling in money for your wedding day, it's best to set a budget. Having a budget set in front of you allows you to spend the money you do have more wisely and save some whenever necessary. Budgeting really helps couples who don’t have the biggest budget for their big day, get the elements of their dream wedding that mean the most. Keep reading for more information on how to start your wedding budget!

Where to Start

Figure out who is paying for what and make sure to go through this thoroughly. You don't want to go around in circles with your soon-to-be in-law's about how you thought they were going to pay for the rehearsal dinner. Once the limits have been established, make sure that everyone who is contributing agrees to the overall budget.

Categorize Items

First Look at examples of wedding budgets online & see which items will come at the highest cost. This way you can categorize the smaller items in after. The more you get into detail with the different categories, you can create percentages of how much each section will cost towards the overall budget for the wedding. For instance, 50% goes to catering, 10% venue, and so on.

Break It Down Even Further

Once you have your main budget items, break them down into sub-categories. For example, "Dessert" can be broken down into cake, dessert table, etc. This way you can you can see where to eliminate or add towards specific items. Always keep in mind even the smallest items that require payment. These smaller budget items have a tendency to build up and eventually will become a substantial amount of your budget.

Go on Pinterest & Download a Budget Planner

Yes, we will bring up Pinterest time and time again because it is so useful for couples planning their own wedding. Hop on Pinterest and grab a template of a budget planner to make your planning process that much easier! There are TONS of different options online, which pretty much guarantee that you will find one that will match the specific categories you need.