Take good pictures at your wedding

Ready, Set, POSE!

I don't know about you, but I don't get professionally photographed every day. Your wedding is one of those special days that you're definitely going to want to capture. 
You and your fiancé/e will be looking your very best, your closest family and friends will all be together, and you'll be in a beautiful setting.
There's already a lot to think about for planning your wedding. That's why we're bringing the Bay Area's best Wedding Professionals together so you can meet them all in one place.
Until then, here are a few tips to help you find the best wedding photographer and look great in your photos. Good luck with all your wedding planning!

Here are a Few Must-Have Photos You'll Want to Take on Your Wedding Day:

Getting ready
Gown hanging, on bed, or on chair
Still life of shoes, jewelry, and other objects
Flowers and bouquets
Mother and bride
Bride and family 
Bridal party
Bride before entrance
The kiss
Just announced as newlyweds
Couple with bride's family
Bride and Groom with bridesmaids
Wedding guests

Groom getting ready with groomsmen
Groom and family
Groom and Best Man
Groomsmen putting on boutonnieres or ties.
Exterior/Interior of venue
Groom walking down aisle

Groom's expression waiting for bride
Special ceremony elements
Reciting vows
Couple with groom's family
Groom and mother
Bride and Groom with groomsmen