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I sell natural medicine! It's safer, it's cheaper and it's more effective. I am personally developing a self-care health-care strategy for living healthier and becoming  happier! What better way to venture into forever than with access to these gifts of the earth? I'm here as your wellness advocate to provide you with access to healthy empowered living.

Services Offered

Book me for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or mix group class sessions.

Themes may include one or more of these topics: Aromatherapy Parties, Wellness Sessions, DIY Workshops.

Add an educational session to your party, session or workshop by selecting any one of these class kits:

Lifelong Vitality Program

Emotional Benefits of Aromatherapy 

Essential Oils and Fitness 

Cooking with Essential Oils


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Wisdom Essentials

Wisdom Essentials

Suisun, CA

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