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Lover of Paris Macarons

Pleasant Hill, CA

About Lover of Paris Macarons

Hi!  I'm a licensed Cottage Food Operator and I LOVE baking macarons!  I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I remember receiving my first box of macarons as a gift from a friend.  I loved the beautiful colors of the dainty round confections (crisp on the outside with a soft, moist, flavorful filling) and the way they perfectly fit into the long skinny box...I loved biting into each bright little gem and discovering what flavor they were.  Some time after that I took a macaron class at my local cookware store and I was hooked.  I set out to learn all I could about perfecting my baking of these delightful cookies.  I am always striving to improve my product...this spring I took and intensive macaron class in Paris!  I love the precision required to master these finicky little delicacies and still love the "wow factor" of a box of macarons!

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Elegant French macarons are delicate treats that make any occasion feel extra special!  With a cruchy exterior and an exquisitely soft and flavorful interior, these beautiful (and naturally gluten free!) cookes make a great gift...even if it's for yourself...because everyone desesrves a beautiful bite of luxury!

Macarons make a great statement!  Whether presented in towers on a dessert table...or served in small favor boxes at each place setting, French macarons are the perfect thing to elevate your wedding reception!


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