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5 Things You Should Think About When Choosing a Venue

Your venue is a big part of your wedding coming together. It’s one of the first major vendors you choose and once it’s chosen, you can set the date! It’ll also be the place where you and your fianceé will be married, so being in a space that fits you is super important! Here are 5 things you should think about when choosing a venue!


1) Decide on a budget


You have to make sure this is in place before you start shopping around. You’ll be able to see the styles that fit in your price range. You may run into some good package deals, but always having the budget in mind will relieve so much stress down the road. 


2) Organize your venue research materials


You'll want to compile all the research you're doing on venues in a document or spreadsheet with key information (i.e. rates, capacity, availability, package deals etc.). This will keep you super organized and you won’t have to remember all the details, because you’ll write them down!


3) Check for availability


If you have a specific date picked out already, you don't want to waste your time

touring a venue that's not available. If you haven’t picked a date yet, go and check out the venue! Be flexible on the date if you fall in love with a specific venue. 


4) Consider your guest list


You should know about how many people you’re going to have at your wedding. This will help you pick a venue in regards to space. You want to make sure everyone can fit comfortably. 


5) Consider location in terms of transportation


Will you be providing shuttle service for your guests? Is there enough parking at the venue?

These are the two main questions you need to ask in terms of being respectful of your

guests. Being considerate of these extra costs is something that your guests will appreciate since it may already cost them to be travelling to the venue itself.


Venue shopping is so much fun and really starts to help you visualize your big day. Check out our local venues on Wedding Bean, and start visiting!