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Top Honeymoon Destinations

Quarantine sure did make us grateful for a past time when we could travel and see the world. Thank god for 2021 and vaccines...

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Covid-19 Ideas to Include in wedding

Planning a wedding comes with stress but planning a wedding during a global pandemic is a whole new ball game. The engagement process is supposed to be a happy and enjoyable time for couples. Memories are made in planning such a milestone.

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Jumpsuits are trendy and low cost

Jumpsuits provide a modern look for any wedding event

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Are You Recently Engaged? Here are the Top 5 Things You Can Do Next

1. Enjoy the moment

You only get this opportunity to be engaged, so take some time to celebrate your love. Plan a dinner with close friends and family. Indulge in these moments, because once planning starts time goes by quickly!

2. Create an account on Wedding Bean

You just at the start of your wedding planning journey, and we suggest getting as much FREE help as you can! When you sign up on Wedding Bean, you can create a profile, see a wedding planning

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