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Connie Leal Photography

Brentwood, CA

About Connie Leal Photography

I have been shooting weddings over 10 years.  I love shooting weddings because I adore couples.  My goal is to give my clients an heirloom to pass from one generation to the next and something that feels timeless.  

I have great expeirence in lighting my subjects and know which light best suits the scene.  I know how to work with natural light and artificial.  Dark rooms don't scare me because I will bring my lighting with me to give light to the area.  


Services Offered

I am a professional photographer that offers wedding albums, canvases, prints and digital files.  After the wedding day I do edit the photos then post them on a web gallery for friends and family to view the images they can just enjoy them and or order anything they wish.  

My wedding packages do come with a second photographer, an engagement session and all their wedding images.

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Connie Leal Photography

Connie Leal Photography

Brentwood, CA

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